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The climate crisis is one of the most complex and urgent topics of our times. The choices we make today will profoundly affect the future of the next generations. Our actions will become an example of how we have been able or not to deal with an imminent global crisis.

This film invites people to reflect on the dramatic situation of a boy who, without particular financial resources, has to invent himself to recover his houseboat that has gone down due to an extraordinary natural event.

It is important to be aware of the fact that we will hear more and more of similar stories if we do not begin to intervene in our lifestyle. There is a lot we can do to make our contribution to the climatic cause, because in this case selfishness cannot exist.

Documentaries have the power to show the world a situation and invite the public to reflect.

puffin media house

Documentaries for brands and televisions

Puffin Media House comes from the work of Riccardo Sartori and Caterina Tarducci who passionately direct and produce independent documentaries for brands and televisions since 2016. Riccardo is an experienced freelance cameraman and director of photography as well as producer of Puffin Media House documentaries; Caterina, producer and director, is also the scriptwriter and researcher in the pre-production phase.

Provvisoriamente nascosto causa Daryl

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Our Words


Storytelling is immersion

A message needs to be effective and conveyed in the right way. Storytelling is the key for understanding our works, it’s our goal to change points of view and talk about stories never told.
We like spending time in this work sector, building strong relationships with people and communities.
We get moments those that are real, able to add depth and authenticity.

Puffin Media House - produzione documentari ambientali

Responsibility is action

We have a high responsibility towards the Earth and new generations. It’s is what has pushed us to this filmmaking path. Our projects tell environmental issues where humans can do something to improve the situation, and also social matters that has been bringing to severe disasters of the ecosystem (Elephant pouching in Africa) – All these documentaries are an amazing tool for encouraging and involving the audience in the fight against climate change and environmental deterioration.   


Filmmaking is consciousness

With a decade of experience, we are committed in filmmaking, we decided to change our goal and create a huge multimedia project, able to make people more aware of their choices and the impact their choices have on the environment. We truly believe that we can always do something.

50 Litres Life

The beginning of the new normal


Portrait of a rescuer

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