Tied into me

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Tied into me

A young Irish man puts every possible effort to recover his floating house, sunken in Venice after the tragic flood of November 2019

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50 Liters Life

Water in Cape Town is almost over, while a group of people is drastically reducing water usage. Will they be able to avoid Day Zero?
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A sea rescuer tells his countless missions carried out in the Mediterranean Sea.
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Our mission

We change people’s mindset by telling meaningful and intimate documentaries. This is the main intent of each documentary produced by Puffin Media House. 

As documentary filmmakers we have the big responsibility to entertain and make people reflect on contemporary issues.

Documentary filmmaking helps people to get emotionally closer to certain situations. 


Meaningful Stories

Every story has a meaning whether in the form of a book, a draw, a cartoon, a film or a documentary.

Best documentaries are those able to change something in the viewers, even the smallest prejudice, the strongest position or the oldest habit.

If something happens thanks to the film, then we know we’ve done a good job.


Intimate Documentaries

Puffin Media House concentrates every effort onĀ observational documentaries, exploring the deepest and controversial faces as well as motivations of each character.

We get inside the life of each character revealing their strengths and their weaknesses, because it’s our role to develop emotions conveying all the faces of a person.


Continuous Updates

Real educational and life-changing documentaries are those making the viewers active participants in the story.

And so the story ends, but the events that affects the characters are still in place. We want to maintain the linkage giving updates about characters and how the viewers can support them.


Change Mindset

Our independent film should be conceived as social and educational documentaries aiming to change people’s mindset with respect to certain issues.

A documentary might be able to achieve a huge impact both on social and political level, by making people reconsider their positions.

Our works are on


Stories plus Updates
means New Approach

The story doesn’t really run out with the documentary. Even after the end of production, we still keep following the characters and support their missions.

This is important for letting the public know situations have changed thanks to their contributions. There are a lot of ways to contributes to characters’ missions: by financing, by buying and watching the film.