The high tide in Venice: a tale told through a documentary


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The Irish Pirate of Venice is the title of the documentary (we don’t really know yet if this will be the definitive title, but I’m sure you’re curious to know who is the pirate in this story) on which the team of Puffin Media House is concentrating right now in the city of Venice

This is a touching story telling the hard consequences of the high tide through the words of a person who that night lost everything. It happened  November 12th 2019. That day Venice has been hit by a violent flood which in few time destroyed everything. While the ferocity of nature was storming the city, people watched outside their windows the sea waves rising the level of water and the wind pushing away whatever was on its path. 

That night many people went through damages, who the business, who the house, who the boat. And incredibly, Venice was under water due to an extraordinary climate event and this has never happened since 1966.  

When we decided to get into a new project

In that moment we couldn’t stop thinking that we had to go to Venice and see with our eyes what happened. When we had the occasion to go to the city in the next 2 days, we could see all the international press present while there were people who lost everything that night and none seemed to take care of them. 

We were touched, not only as Italian, but we could perceive the suffer of inhabitants watching their city who was now betraying them. In that moment we decided to get ourselves in a new documentary project that gave Venice a rebirth.   

We started to make some research and then suddenly we found what we were looking for:  an Irish guy, named Daryl who owned and lived on a houseboat. That night Daryl lost everything, both the boat and all his stuff. He started a crowdfunding campaign in those days where people could donate to help him recover the boat. 

We must know him, whatever it took, we needed to. So we got in touch with him, explaining who we were and that his story was awesome and powerful. Initially he didn’t reply. So we had to insist a little bit until he decided to answer, showing all his enthusiasm to begin a film project together.

The Irish pirate of Venice

The story

This is how we met Daryl, the protagonist of this new documentary. We believed its story  was emblematic to describe the pain of losing everything due to extraordinary climatic events, but we would have discovered very soon that there was much more to tell about Daryl.

He owned a boat, named Gina, on which he used to live. On the night of November 12th, 2019 he understood that there was something wrong and he had thought of reaching friends inside an apartment, sure to be able to see Gina again after that seemed to be a normal storm.

When the wind began to blow and the water was stirred up in its violence, Daryl realized that Gina was in danger but he couldn’t do much for helping her, given the speed with which the water had also flooded the streets. The next day,  poorly prepared for what he would have found, Daryl realized that his boat is no longer there, but it sank, with all his things.

The story of Daryl and all his efforts to recover Gina are at the center of our work that we wanted to create as a tribute to the city of Venice. Our intent is to show Venice with other eyes through a compelling story we’re sure it will reserve surprises.

If you want to have much more information about the project, please visit The Irish Pirate of Venice

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