The first time we’ve met Daryl in Venice


Hi! This is the second article of a series that we have in mind to let the story of Daryl spread as much as possible. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to already know what is documentary about, I suggest you to read the article: The high tide in Venice: a tale told through a documentary but you can also read the logline below.

LoglineA young Irish man puts every possible effort to recover his floating house, sunken in Venice after the tragic flood of November 2019.

I can still remember the first time we went to Venice and we met DarylIt was friday november 29th 2019. It was a cloudy and cold day and in the darkness of the morning we approached to the train station. 

I remember we were so afraid of what we could have found. Would he have been a good character? Yes or not? Would we have had our story? We were conscious this was a risk and maybe Daryl would have not been the right person for a documentary. 

But when we saw him outside the train station of Venice it appeared a typical Irish man with his reddish hair, a full beard and his wonderful english accent. He immediately recognised us that we were full of gear and he came to us.

It was a lovely day where we had a long walk across Venice until we reached the place where was his boat Gina. And when we saw her, in the bottom of the sea, we could still see the mast that leaned over the water. Daryl told us how he found the boat and the decision to live on board. 

“There’s no reason for me to come back here while the water is high. She’s not moving anywhere”. 

He was continuing to repeat with regret. He couldn’t do much more at that moment because he didn’t have enough money for calling a shipyard and commissioning it to raise the boat. Even though it happened an extraordinary climate event, the municipality of Venice couldn’t ensure to recover the boat, especially because Gina sank in the parking place and not in the open sea where it would have been dangerous.  

We will always remember how this sounded to us as an incredible paradox. It’s true, Venice is a world apart. The only chance he had to raise the boat would have been to wait for the low tide and using a pump. 

Word after word we were realising that he was the perfect character for a documentary. We would have told all Daryl’s efforts in order to recover Gina and we would have accompanied him in this long path. Where to start? We needed to better know him and so we schedule a meeting for the following week and we would have started to press finally REC!

If you want to read more details about the story of Daryl and Gina, I suggest you to read the article The high tide in Venice: a tale told through a documentary  where we tell how was this documentary born.

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