Live on a houseboat: who’s the main character of our documentary

live on a houseboat

Hi all! We’re so excited to publish the third post update for this new documentary! This time we will talk more in depth about the main character for the story. We believe it’s really important to explain which kind of people we work with and it is an occasion as well to better know the topics of the documentary. 

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The main character: who's Daryl?

Daryl Smith is the main character of the latest documentary in production of Puffin Media House. The documentary is set in Venice and tells Daryl’s adventures in order to recover his sunken boat after the latest terrible flood that hit Venice in November 2019.

The title for the final film we’re thinking of is: “The pirate of Venice”. That can sound really weird, but I assure you that if you get in contact with this special man, you will understand what I mean. 

Daryl is not really a pirate, as those we are usually used to think. He doesn’t steal or commit crimes, but he’s gained this label in all the time spent in Venice. 

live on a houseboat

Why Daryl is a pirate

What Daryl basically has in common with real pirates is the fact of living on board a boat. In fact, he spent some months on his boat Gina before losing her, but they really have been the most beautiful days of his life. 

Every morning, when he woke up, he was able to admire the spectacular view and embrace the taste of the sea around Venice. Probably once arrived in Italy he would never have thought that one day he would have lived on a boat.

But he knew that he would have been bound to take care of this new place that was welcoming him. 

“What I call home, is where my shadow is”

This is a sort of mantra Daryl is repeating sometimes. My home is where my shadow is. If you really focus on this, you will start to think differently about where your roots are. This kind of thought has always let Daryl free to feel at home wherever he was. 

In the last 5 years Venice has been his home and Daryl has tried to be part of the community in whatever way he can help. For this reason he was used to doing plastic fishing in the Grand Canal, accompanied by tourists who often left him offers for his service with the aim to make Venice’s environment cleaner and so the sea. 

Why living on a boat if you could stay in a house with heating, gas, water and all other comforts? Daryl’s desire to live with low impact for the environment is a constant in his behaviour. He chooses to live only with what he really needs, to be frugal in his lifestyle.  

Going to the night of November 12th 2019, the most violent storm of the last 50 years, hit Venice lagoon and Daryl lost everything, both Gina and all his belongings.

Since that day he can’t find peace and he’s struggling in order to recover Gina and give her to a new life.

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