The story of Gina: updates from our Venice’s documentary

The story of Gina

Here we are with a new blog post about the documentary “The pirate of Venice” . Today we’re gonna talk about the other main character besides Daryl, namely Gina.

A little summary for the new readers

For those who still don’t know, Gina is a houseboat owned by an Irish guy named Daryl Smith in Venice. She is actually a special houseboat, not those we are commonly used to with a lot of space and a sense of being at home. Gina is a boat that has been adapted for living. 

Unfortunately, after a very violent storm, Gina sank, leaving Daryl with nothing, neither a home and all his stuff. Puffin Media House decided to start from this a new documentary project based in Venice and tell the story.

The main two characters are Daryl and Gina which, we will see, are strongly linked to each other. If you’d like to discover more about this story, you can read all the other posts and visit the dedicated page on the website: The pirate of Venice

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The story of Gina
Gina after the storm of November 12th 2019 in Venice

Nice to meet you Gina!

The first time we saw Gina, she (it’s beautiful that Daryl still continues to call Gina as he’s talking to a person and now we are used to doing the same) was underwater. We could only see the mast and nothing more. 

Listening to Daryl, it’s as if we actually knew her from the very beginning. 

With this post we’d like to let you deep again inside this documentary and present Gina, the co-protagonist in this amazing story in VeniceWhen we found out that Daryl lived on a boat, we thought that it was crazy and impossible, but day after day, he started to make us think more on the benefits than costs. 

Ok, forget all the comforts and most of the utilities, but consider the calmness and peace of staying on a boat in the back of Venice’s lagoon. Every morning, the first picture you have is the sun on the sea and you are practically hugged by nature. 

We easily got used to the meaning of living in that way and we started to look at Venice differently. Let’s get the point: where does Gina come from? What’s her past, before Daryl?

The story of Gina

The old life of Gina started as a boat for transportation of gasoline, but one day the first owner decided to abandon her out to sea leaving a pollutant in Venice’s lagoon. 

Another person who saw the boat, decided to take her out and restored her. Then she had many owners until the last one, a venetian guy, who sold Gina to Daryl. 

Daryl didn’t immediately realize he wanted to buy a boat, but when he suddenly saw her, it was  love at first sight. A Polish friend, who was together with him that day, knew that Daryl’s dream was to live immersed in nature, maybe on a boat. 

So she convinced him to take a look at the boat again and he finally bought Gina. “This is the longest relationship I have ever had” He said the first time we met in front of Gina sunk. 


As documentary filmmakers, we love immersing ourselves in different contexts and have several experiences, it’s part of our nature. What we think this story is teaching us is the capacity to distinguish what is fundamental and not. This special character taught us a lot about being simple and detached from material stuff. But not only, he lost his house after an extraordinary climate event and he never gave up towards his goal. 

For this post is enough, see you next week with a new story’s appointment! 

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