The high tide in Venice: the day before Christmas we spent with Daryl

high tide

A little summary for the new readers

For those who still don’t know, Gina is a houseboat owned by an Irish guy named Daryl Smith in Venice. She is actually a special houseboat, not those we are commonly used to with a lot of space and a sense of being at home. Gina is a boat that has been adapted for living. 

Unfortunately, after a very violent storm, Gina sank, leaving Daryl with nothing, neither a home and all his stuff. Puffin Media House decided to start from this a new documentary project based in Venice and tell the story.

The main two characters are Daryl and Gina which, we will see, are strongly linked to each other. If you’d like to discover more about this story, you can read all the other posts and visit the dedicated page on the website: The pirate of Venice

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high tide

I remember that December 24th 2019 there was the high tide in Venice. That day reminded me of why I’m doing documentaries. 

Do you want to know why? 

Keep reading 🙂

When there's high tide in Venice always remember your boots!

December 24th 2019 was our third day of shooting with Daryl in Venice. We were convinced that we had to collect other material before Christmas and the coming new year. That special day didn’t disappoint us, except for the high tide!

Yeah, because even tough we checked our high tide app, it didn’t seem to be necessary having the boots. As soon as we arrived…SURPRISE! 

The water was incredibly high and we didn’t know how to do all the day considering the cold temperature, but Daryl saved us. He arrived as a perfect local Venetian, equipped with his boots and… a towel! Strange no?

You may wondering…why a towel?? The answer is in the picture above! We absolutely need to cross the street and go up the stairs in order to reach the place where Gina was. What to do? Wetting the shoes and risking fever for Christmas holidays?

Not an option…

Daryl however had the answer: he pulled out a towel from his bag and told us to take off the shoes and cross the street barefoot. Then he would have given us the towel to get dry our foot and put shoes on again. Fantastic! We couldn’t believe it! That morning he had thought that maybe we couldn’t have the boots with us and preliminarily he took with him a towel. I’ll never forget it. 

The reason why we love doing documentaries

After the towel’s episode and all the adventures we had that day, I’ve remembered why we love making documentaries. When will you have again the weird occasion to walk barefoot in Venice with the high tide? When will you have the chance to explore an unknown Venice empty of tourists? 

By making documentaries we get involved in so particular and sometimes strange experiences that you’ll never forget. You meet so many special people that donate to you their knowledge and emotions.

What’s more beautiful? And why are you making documentaries? What does push you to keep telling stories?

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