Documentary updates: Daryl tries to pick Gina out with buckets

A little summary for the new readers

For those who still don’t know, Gina is a houseboat in Venice, owned by an Irish guy named Daryl Smith. She is actually a special houseboat, not those we are commonly used to. Gina is a boat that has been adapted for living. 

Unfortunately, after a very violent storm, Gina sank, leaving Daryl with nothing, neither a home and all his stuff. The main characters of this story are Daryl and the houseboat Gina which are strongly linked to each other. 

We decided this was the perfect story to tell through a documentary. So we got immersed in all these adventures in Venice and we decided to share with you our experiences while we’re still producing this amazing project. 

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Daryl is gonna pick Gina out by means of buckets

The day when Daryl called us telling that he would have tried to raise Gina for the first time, was Sunday.

That day the tide was incredibly low and Daryl didn’t want to loose the chance to succeed. So he decided to use just buckets, trying to throw water out of the boat.

We were in a rush because he told us his idea just two hours before!! In few time we had to prepare the gear, get on the train and run to Venice. We also had to put off a lunch with friends who were coming to our home as guests! Crazy!!

Fortunately we have amazing friends who always understand documentary needs 🙂

So when we arrived in Venice, Daryl was preparing all the necessary together with a friend and I can say that it was the most beautiful shooting day for this documentary. We had the occasion to get very visual footage expressing all the efforts of Daryl in order to recover Gina.

In those moments you don’t feel cold (and it was, I swear!), you don’t feel the time passing, you just feel the moment.

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However that day Daryl didn’t win. The tide turned to be again higher and higher preventing every effort. More water they took out from the boat, and more water went back inside the boat. 

We observed this episode with a double point of view: we could see nature winning over human being without nothing to do in order to prevent it. The same nature that Daryl is trying to preserve.  

The first trial didn’t work, but what about the next ones? Keep following these posts and you will find out!

If you want to read more details about the story of Daryl and Gina, I suggest you to read the article The high tide in Venice: a tale told through a documentary  where we tell how was this documentary born.

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