Documentary in Venice: would Daryl have made it to raise the boat Gina?


When producing a documentary, you have the access too many different experiences, both positives and negatives. 

You are there to see your characters happy, to have reached their goal; but at the same time, you are there when they are facing frustrating situation. 

This post is going to tell you one these condition in the adventures of Daryl and his sunken boat Gina in Venice. Last time we told you the incredible fortitude which featured Daryl’s character. However, sometimes also the strongest fall down. And this was one of those time. 

I can stay here to tell again the story of the boat Gina and Daryl, but I don’t want to get boring the other readers. So please, if you are interested, read the previous posts and catch up. 

the pirate of Venice

Documentary conflict: Daryl feels like he has no more chances

One day Daryl called us telling he’s gonna pull Gina out of water with a crane. A friend of him knows another person in Venice owning a crane which could be used to try saving Gina. 

It was perfect for the documentary in Venice because the high tide was completely disappeared opening the season of the low tide. We all were thinking that would have been the right time. We were preparing the gear and reviewing plans and storyboards we are making from weeks, waiting for that moment. 

The appointment was at 1.30PM in Venice, but when we arrived there wasn’t anyone with Gina, which was still underwater. We called Daryl and he met us few hours later. He seemed particularly down. 

They all tried before our arrival, just one time when the water had still to go down. The owner of the crane didn’t want to try a second time and he went away with no explanation. 

Daryl was again at the starting point much more frustrated than before. There’s no explanation for the behavior of the man, but we supposed it could be linked to Daryl’s nationality. He’s not Italian and he does not even talk Italian language. Like as he did not deserve to retrieve his boat because he is not a local. 

We would never know the real reason, but we surely knew that the story became more difficult and we didn’t know if we would have found a ending point soon. 

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