Puffin Media House is a team of independent documentary filmmakers focused on the environment and social issues. We have worked with the non-profit organization SOS Mediterranee, Refugees Welcome, and our works are distributed on Espresso Media International, Filmhub and Sage.

the founders

We’re Caterina and Riccardo and we’re the founders of Puffin Media House. 

We both came from different backgrounds – corporates, motion graphics, editing – but for some years we’ve been focusing on producing documentaries. We’re originally from Italy but our stories are without borders, involving people all around the world. We love traveling and meeting new inspiring people. 

We produce different kind of content that most of the time has the environment as the core element. Firstly, our mission is to provide content able to let people reflect on different issues, giving value to the documentary genre.

We always work in team, looking for new adventures and stories to tell. We’re now on a new documentary project based in Venice telling the unique story of a special Irish guy living on a boat. For having more details, visit the pag The pirate of Venice or read the new posts on the blog.

education on documentary

We recently launched School of Doc, the first online community for Italian documentary filmmakers. School of Doc supports doc filmmakers in their career proving them education initiatives, online courses taught by the best Italian professionals and new opportunities. We started this new project to fill the existing gap between documentary filmmakers and film distribution.