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Who we are

Puffin Media House produces documentaries focusing on climate change, nature and social impact of environmental disasters.

It’s the necessity to travel, discover and appreciate the pleasure of a project starting from zero that kicked off our work.
Puffin Media House is all those who want to tell their stories, fight against climate change and spread more sustainable lifestyles. To do it, here we are. We are a couple, dynamic and tireless who has seen the video as the tool to tell stories of people. We are young and full of ideas; we never get tired finding new solutions to give our clients the best answer for their needs.
Our contribution to the community is the will to raise reflection, a thought around a video. Currently more and more all means of communication tell what we want to hear. In our case we really want to produce documentaries reflecting the reality, with the aim to make the audience more aware of a situation.

It’s incredible the power of images to rouse human souls and generate emotions. Our goal is to realize stories, real stories through images. We address all people who need to convey a message, but they don’t know how to do it.

The work of Puffin Media House comes from the activity of Riccardo Sartori and Caterina Tarducci who passionately direct and produce independent documentary films since 2016. Riccardo is an experienced freelance cameraman and director of photography as well as producer of Puffin Media House documentaries; Caterina, producer and director, is also the scriptwriter and researcher in the pre-production phase.

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