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Here you find all of our documentaries.
For years we have been talking about climate change, the nature and social impact of environmental disasters. Our desire is to tell moving stories, that can shock the viewer and create a shift in the perception that each of us has of our place in the world.
We are the future, we are the change.

Environmental Documentary

The last of our environmental documentary project, we’re talking about An Irish man does everything to recover his sunken houseboat in Venice and resume plastic fishing for the canals of the city. A compelling and positive story that makes you reflect on the impact that each of us can have on the environment and a great starting point to try to reduce it to a minimum


Social Documentary
33 min

It was dark and although we had torches, thermal cameras, we had to change our strategy… to try to locate black people, without life jacket, without moon… by screams… the engine at minimum and we rescued people. Thus begins the Tale of Alessandro Porro, rescuer of SOS Mediterranee that from the ship Aquarius tells us about the difficulties of rescuing people at sea.

50 Liters Life - The beginning of the new normal

Environmental Documentary
52 min

A documentary about the water crisis in South Africa. Between 2015 and 2019, Cape Town was hit by the worst drought ever, to the point of risking water depletion.
Will the effort of citizens to avoid zero day be enough? Between slums, pastures of the Western Cape and shelters for the homeless, a journey that does not leave you indifferent.

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