A rescuer lays bare his memories of the countless missions carried out at sea to avert popular prejudice regarding the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean against the growing anti-immigration propagandistic policy.

The Story

Director: Caterina Tarducci
DoP: Riccardo Sartori

Remanence is a short documentary that depicts an integral portrait of a sea rescuer on board of the notorious humanitarian ship SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders in  Mediterranean Sea. The story is about the hardest memories that the man still continues to bring with himself after many missions. 

An introspective journey in search of memories, experiences, gruesome and formidable scenes, those situations that can change lives forever. The goal of the documentary is to spread more consciousness regarding migrants rescuing and the job of rescuer itself immersing the viewer in the contemporary historical period.

The Characters

Alessandro Porro

SOS Mediterranee Italy President and Rescuer

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