Tied into me

Coming soon in 2021

The Story

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Director: Caterina Tarducci
Art Directors: Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori
DoP: Riccardo Sartori
Sound: Tommaso Dugato


After the tragic flood occurred in November 2019, an Irish man puts every possible effort to recover his sunken houseboat in Venice. 


His name is Daryl and he will try every possible solution to rise his dear boat Gina. During his adventure, Daryl deals with different enemies, such the alternation between high and low tide, lack of money and people obstructing his goal. 

The first trial occurs after 2 months from the event, when Venice usually experience the season of the low tide. Daryl aims to get Gina out of water with buckets, but he will see that he’s fighting with adversary much more powerful than him: water. Sea level starts to rise in the evening without leaving Daryl the chance to enjoy the results he had achieved until that moment. 

The next adventure dealt with by Daryl is against people. With a lot of efforts we was able to collect some money for paying a company and getting Gina out through the help of a gru. However, the big day Daryl is dumped with no results and an increasing sense of frustration. 

But he never gives up and finally after three months from the flood, he succeeds. Gina is out thanks to two guys from another company. Now Daryl and Gina are ready for a fresh new start. 

The Characters

Daryl Smith

Main character

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