Tied into me

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The Story

Director: Caterina Tarducci
DoP: Riccardo Sartori

After being devastated by the most extraordinary flood of the last 50 years, Venice is desperate and without defense against the water level that still continues to rise up. In this context of growing confusion of all the inhabitants we met Daryl, an Irish guy who, until that night, was used to live on a houseboat in a little island of the Venice lagoon called Giudecca.

When finally water calms down, he found out that his boat sank with all his stuff inside it. He lost everything and after all, he’s still sure to continue to fight in order to get back his houseboat, named Gina. Daryl’s determination will accompany him for all the course of the film. He cannot forget the discovery of nature he’s had for the time living on Gina: waking up every morning and see the beauty of the sea shining on his soul, has profoundly touched him.

This deep connection with nature and the care of the environment is constantly present for all the film in the behavior of the protagonist who before the flood was used to doing plastic fishing onboard another boat. Now he still carry on doing it by foot, collecting plastic he finds on street and in the sea.

And so this element deeply influences all the path of the film because Daryl is not willing to get another boat and start again his journey. He wants Gina for their relationship and because he can’t leave environmental damage on the shoulder of the Venetian community. It turns out this beautiful story that touches many topics through the adventures of just one person.

The Characters

Daryl Smith

Gina's owner

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