the irish pirate of Venice - documentary

A young Irish man puts every possible
effort to recover his floating house,
sunken in Venice after the tragic
flood of November 2019


  • Caterina Tarducci: Executive Producer – Director
  • Riccardo Sartori: Executive Producer – DOP

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A compelling documentary that will make you think

On the night of November 12th, 2019 Venice was surprised by the worst high tide in the last 50 years. Just once again it had happened that the water reached over 180cm, submerging everything. Daryl, an Irish man  who decided to move to Venice five years ago, was aboard his houseboat Gina which sank from the violence of the water.

The Irish pirate of Venice tells the story of the difficult path Daryl has taken to recover Gina from the sea and make it a symbol of rebirth. Not interested in buying another boat to avoid further impact on the environment, Daryl waits for the tide to drop to recover his boat, restore it, bring it back to light and return to fish for plastic in the canals of Venice.

Produced by Puffin Media House, the documentary explores the issues of climate change and how extraordinary natural events may affect the whole society. Daryl, known to locals as the Irish pirate, is determined to get back his houseboat and share his rebirth with the community. He has big plans for Gina who has become a symbol against climate change and rising sea levels, which threaten more and more cities like Venice.

A compelling story that shows at the same time a fight against nature and in favor of nature.

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