Portrait of a rescuer


  • Caterina Tarducci: Executive Producer – Director
  • Riccardo Sartori: Executive Producer – DOP
  • SOS Mediterranee: Producer
  • SOS Mediterranee: rescue footage
  • Alessandro Porro: rescuer
  • Avra Fialas: Ufficio Stampa SOS Mediterranee
  • Isabella Trombetta: Archivial footage


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Portrait Of a Rescuer in The Mediterranean Sea

remanence is a documentary produced by Puffin Media House that depicts an integral portrait of the rescuer in the Mediterranean Sea on board of humanitarian ships. Alessandro Porro, is the protagonist of our story and told us what it meant for him to be a rescuer and save lives. His operational missions were on board of one of the most well-known humanitarian ships, the Aquarius of SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders.

The documentary represents an introspective journey in search of memories, experiences, gruesome and formidable scenes, those situations that can change lives forever. Alessandro highlights all these aspects explaining the practical difficulties that the ship Aquarius had to face during the numerous rescues.

Alessandro conveys his feelings, his memories, returning with his thoughts aboard his Aquarius, known for being the first ship which was prevented to land on Italian territory. There have been many complicated moments, but also those of unexpected joy, describing a reality where time flows in a completely different way from that on land.

The documentary is totally immersed in what is the contemporary historical period, highlighting political and social contradictions that the Old Continent is still facing in the management of migrants from Africa.


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