Bringing people closer

We change people’s mindset by telling meaningful and intimate documentaries

Who we are

Puffin Media House

Puffin Media House collects the best independent film, giving the opportunity to be spread with the aim to create involvement and education across the public.

Documentaries have the feature to empower and create an impact through people. Whether we tell stories about social, environmental issues or gender equality, storytelling through documentary can convey a message in the most impactful way. 

We are a team of professionals with the goal to leave the sign in people’s mind. 

Founded by Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori, Puffin Media House creates content across all platforms and topics from climate change, animals’ extinction, social injustices, racism, immigration

We shape ideas from the development until the distribution of the film. The echo of our stories resonates even after the last scene leaves the screen. Our documentaries film entertain, inspire and make people active participants of characters’ adventures.

Our mission

We change people’s mindset by telling meaningful and intimate documentaries. 

As documentary filmmakers we have the big responsibility to both entertain and make people reflect on contemporary issues, such as the environment, nature’s conservation and society. 

Documentary filmmaking has a huger role now to help people and on the other side to get the public emotionally closer to certain situations. 

Meaningful Stories

Every story has a meaning whether in the form of a book, a draw, a cartoon, a film or a documentary.

Best documentaries are those able to change something in the viewers, even the smallest prejudice, the strongest position or the oldest habit.

If something happens thanks to the film, then we know we’ve done a good job.

Intimate Documentaries

We produce observational documentaries, exploring the deepest and controversial faces as well as motivations of each character.

We get inside the life of each character revealing their strengths and their weaknesses, because it’s our role to develop emotions conveying all the faces of a person.

Continuous Updates

Real educational and life-changing documentaries are those making the viewers active participants as if they are included in the screen.

And so the story ends, but the events that affects the characters are still in place. We want to maintain the linkage giving updates about characters’ situation and how the viewers can eventually support.

Change Mindset

Our independent film should be conceived as social and educational documentaries aiming to change people’s mindset with respect to certain issues or just raise thoughts in the viewer.

A documentary might be able to achieve a huge impact both on social and political level, by making people reconsider their positions.

Meet the team

Caterina Tarducci


Riccardo Sartori