Have you ever asked yourself why Puffin Media House?

Almost everyone asks why we call Puffin Media House. Not all know what is a Puffins and the meaning that they have for us. That’s because we’ve decided to to dedicate a space for telling our story.

Puffins are sharply dressed black-and-white seabirds with a huge, multicolored beak. They mainly live in Iceland and the Northern part of Europe.

We firstly met the Atlantic Puffins during a journey in Ireland, at the well-known Cliffs of Moher. They’ve got used to seeing tourists every day now since that is one of the most famous landscape of Ireland where you can appreciate the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean changing continuously its color. That day was different. Before getting off the bus, our tour guide suggested not to stay so much close to puffins because they can peck at you.
How could possibly these so nice birds can peck at someone? we asked ourselves.
When we saw them, they were in a colony on the rocks, their brilliant colored beaks and sweet eyes came out of that so foggy and cloudy day. We loved them from the first time! But the reason why we chose them as mascot needs to be still revealed…
While taking photos of puffins, a man, mindless of the tour guide recommendations, moved close to the colony with a piece of bread (thinking that since they are birds, they surely eat bread and not fish which they actually eat). Anyway, the funniest memory we have is the man screaming and running fast pursued by all the colony of puffins!!

Some months later… We were buying some furniture for our new studio and suddenly we saw a big box with a series of plush toys and there was also a puffin! We took it as a sign. We bought the puffin plush and from that day they became our mascots for work.

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